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          KRATON ( Zhongshan Kraton Machinery Co., Ltd) is a professional high-tech enterprises of R&D, production of precision LSR injection molding machine. In line with "take the customer as the center, seek development by innovation" business philosophy, combined with fifteen years of mechanical design, production experience and 15 years of liquid silicone injection molding production technology and management experience, KRATON refined high precision injection molding machine suitable for the production of various kinds of liquid silicone products. Whether in the molding process, mechanical quality and services, we can completely meet your requirements.


          KRATON fully implementing the ISO9001:2000 quality management and quality assurance system, to ensure the quality of mechanical manufacturing and process monitoring. Within the company has a perfect education training plan, covering machine design, production technology, production management, quality control and liquid silicone molding technology, we created a team of excellent technology, so as to ensure the stability and reliability of the machinery. KRATON s machinery has been widely used in key, automotive, electronics, medical, hutch defends, maternal and child, sport, sex toys, and other areas of the production.


          With consummate, professional technology and continuous innovation, we strive for perfection, casting quality excellence. KRATON can provide clients with training and after-sales service with 15 years of liquid silicone molding technology and management experience, to let you, our customer become liquid silicone molding expert!

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